Sunday, February 1, 2009

February - even the name is just wrong...

It's February. Yippee. (note the lack of an exclamation point, indicating my best impersonation of Austin's most sarcastic tone.)

I never liked February. It's got an odd little name, too few days, and the dumbest of holidays. I mean, really, unless you grew up in Punxsatawney, why would you care about Groundhog Day? And Valentine's Day? Puhleez. The ultimate greeting-card company-created holiday. And Presidents' Day? Really? I'm not unpatriotic, but for crying out loud... How many useless "holidays" can one month have? Sheesh. At least you get a day off for the latter.

Then, my sophomore year in high school, my opinion of February got even uglier. My momma sustained a life-changing head injury and my favorite first cousin died - all within ten days. I was particularly morbid about the anniversaries of those events for longer than seemed appropriate.

February is dark and short and cold. Unless, of course, it's a leap year, in which you have to agonize through one more day of February.

AND there's sweeps. Now, I love new episodes of my stories, but my husband works in TV, so the "Feb book" is another aggravation in our lives - as if May, July, and November weren't enough times a year for the networks to see who is watching what.

But, I think this February has some exciting prospects. Austin has his Jeopardy! audition at the end of the month, so we'll be going on a mini-vacation to Atlanta for a weekend. That's good stuff. Girl Scout cookies arrive in February - there's nothing like some Lemonades or Thin Mints to perk a girl up and pork a girl out.

Anyway, I apologize if my attitude is less than cheerful. I've been fighting a one-way psychological battle with February for so long now that I can't help but grumble "I hate this stupid month," even when I really don't care that much about it. I guess one could say I have a case of the Februaries. I'd be glad to mope around a little longer today and watch TV and eat unhealthy foods.

BUT, I think I'll do one of the things that I love doing - homework. I love reading my graduate course books and reflecting on them. Really, I do! Then I'll write about what a super job I think I did during my evaluation last week. Then I'll get ready to show off again - I suspect the boss will come tomorrow to take a gander at the reasonably good stuff going on my classroom. These are good things.

Anyway, I just wanted to grumble a little and talk myself into getting started - warming up my brain, as I'll be sitting in front of this laptop for the next little while. Sorry I didn't have anything more entertaining to add!