Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fever Phobia

Kori has the highest fever in her whole little life and I am anxiously awaiting a return call from the nurse to help me determine whether I should take her to the emergency weekend clinic or not. She hit 103.8 during the night (YIKES!) and a full dose of ibuprofen and an hour later, it had only dropped to 103.2. 6 hours have passed since her last dose, so it's time to take more, but I hate to wake her up. She's had a headache the whole time, and that gets me wondering if it's a symptom or side effect/chicken-or-egg kind of thing. She was pretty much pitiful all afternoon yesterday. The fever got down to 100-and-change yesterday evening, and she played with a couple of dolls in my bed, but all in all, she is not at her full Koriness.

Times like these I miss having my personal nurse (AKA Momma) to help me treat symptoms and diagnose conditions. True, there were times momma told me to go to the doctor and the doctor told me to go home, and there were times momma told me to stay home and I went to the doctor anyway, but at least I had my momma to give me some I'm-so-sorry-your-baby-is-sick sympathy. You know?

Meanwhile, Kori is stirring. I better close and tend to her. Pitiful little thing. Even if the fever goes away today, she technically can't go to school tomorrow, so I need to start making arrangements. Barring unforeseen meningitis (funny how our mommy-brains jump straight to the worst case scenario), I probably won't be back on to update, but y'all keep my baby close to your hearts. Being sick just sucks.